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Replacing the Favoritebikes Display


Step 1: Power Off the Bike

Ensure your e-bike is completely powered off. This is a crucial safety step before beginning any maintenance work.

Step 2: Disconnect the Connectors

Locate and disconnect the three connectors situated at the bottom of the display. These connectors typically snap off but refer to your model's manual for specific details if needed.

Step 3: Remove the Locating Screw

Using a 3mm Allen key, remove the locating screw that holds the display in place. Keep this screw safe as you will need it to secure the new display.

Step 4: Remove the Display

Carefully pull the display out from its mount. Be very cautious not to bend any pins during this process. If the display is difficult to remove, gently use the Allen key to push on the location of the screw insert and the plastic part of the 5-pin connector for lights. Avoid applying any force directly on the copper pins as this can damage the display.

Step 5: Contact Favoritebikes for Assistance (if needed)

If you're having trouble removing the display, do not force it. Contact Favoritebikes for guidance or to request a specialized removal tool. This step ensures you do not accidentally damage your e-bike.

Step 6: Insert the New Display

Align the new display with the mounting area and carefully insert it into the slot. Ensure the pins are not forced or bent during this process.

Step 7: Install the Locating Screw

Reattach the locating screw using the 3mm Allen key to secure the new display in place.

Step 8: Connect the Three Connectors

Reconnect the three connectors at the bottom of the new display. Make sure each connector is secure and fully snapped into place.

Step 9: Power On and Test

Turn on your e-bike and test the new display to ensure it is functioning correctly. Check all settings and readouts for accuracy.

By following these steps, you can replace your Favoritebikes display safely and effectively. Always refer to your specific model's guide for any specific instructions or call customer service if you encounter any issues.