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Replacing an e-bike bottom bracket torque sensor.

Replacing an e-bike bottom bracket torque sensor is a specialized task that requires the right tools and expertise. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to go about it:

Safety Gear Needed:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Work Gloves

Tools Required:

Step-by-Step Guide


  1. Disconnect the Battery: Make sure your e-bike’s battery is disconnected for safety.mceclip1.png

  2. Loosen the Chain: Free the chain from the chainring to make your workspace clear. ( Tip: Carefully push the rear derailleur arm forward, towards the front of the bike. This will create slack in the chain)

XR PRO GREY4096230422.817.jpgright-arrow.pngXR PRO GREY4096230422.820.jpg

Removing Old Torque Sensor:

Step 1: Take Off Crank Arms

  • Use an 8 mm Allen key to loosen and remove the bolts holding the crank arms.XR PRO GREY4096230422.821.jpg
  • Use a Crank Puller if the arms are hard to remove. 

        XR PRO GREY4096230422.822.jpg

Step 2: Remove the Chainring Nut

       XR PRO GREY4096230422.825.jpgright-arrow.pngXR PRO GREY4096230422.824.jpg

Step 3: Disconnect Old Sensor

  • Trace the wire from the old sensor to where it connects with the e-bike’s controller. Gently disconnect it.

       Torque sensor connector.jpg

Step 4: Remove the Old Bottom Bracket

Installing New Torque Sensor:

Step 1: Prepare New Sensor

  • Apply grease to the threads of the new torque sensor.

Step 2: Install New Sensor

  • Use the Bottom Bracket Tool to screw the new sensor nut clockwise on the left side. Torque it to 35 Nm.

     XR PRO GREY4096230422.836.jpgright-arrow.pngXR PRO GREY4096230422.835.jpg

  • You'll need to simultaneously insert the torque sensor into the bottom bracket opening while threading the cable through the top hole. On the other side of this hole, you'll find the controller. Since the cable length is limited, holding the connector might be challenging. If needed, use tweezers for better control. Use the Bottom Bracket Tool to screw the new bottom bracket counterclockwise on the right side. Torque it to 35 Nm. (Caution: Avoid crushing or forcing the cable, as this can cause damage. If you encounter difficulty during installation, remove the sensor and try inserting it again for a smoother process.)

          XR PRO GREY4096230422.834.jpgright-arrow.pngXR PRO GREY4096230422.833.jpg

Step 3: Connect New Sensor

  • Route the wire from the new sensor to the e-bike’s controller and connect it.Torque sensor connector.jpg

Step 4: Reassemble Bike

         XR PRO GREY4096230422.824.jpgright-arrow.pngXR PRO GREY4096230422.825.jpg

  • Reattach the crank arms and use an 8 mm Allen key to install the crank arm bolt. Torque it to 38-42 Nm.

        XR PRO GREY4096230422.822.jpg right-arrow.pngXR PRO GREY4096230422.821.jpg

  • Reinstall Chain: Put the chain back onto the chainring.

      XR PRO GREY4096230422.820.jpgright-arrow.pngXR PRO GREY4096230422.817.jpg

Final Steps:

  1. Test Bike: Reconnect the battery and test to ensure everything is working well.

Note: If you're not confident in doing this on your own, please consult a qualified technician for assistance.


I hope this guide is clear and easy to follow. Good luck with your task!