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The pedal assist and throttle on my bike are not functioning, and there are no error codes appearing on the display

How Overheating Impacts the Performance of Your FavoriteBikes Model and the Role of Our Temperature Monitoring System

With the joy of long rides in the summer comes a question that many bicycle enthusiasts often ask - 'What happens if I ride my bike for a prolonged time using throttle only, especially in hot weather?' In response to this question, we want to shed some light on the internal workings of your FavoriteBikes model and how our built-in safety systems operate to ensure both the longevity of your bike and your safety.

Our FavoriteBikes models are designed and engineered with a focus on safety and durability. These two elements have led us to incorporate a temperature monitor within the bike's controller. This feature is vital, especially when the bike is used extensively with throttle-only mode in hot weather conditions.

Understanding the Impact of Overheating

Just like any other machine, your bike is subject to the basic laws of physics, one of which is that prolonged use or high-performance demands can lead to increased internal temperatures. This increase can be more pronounced during the hot summer months.

Continuous and excessive heating of your bike's controller can potentially lead to system malfunction or, in severe cases, damage the internal components of the bike. This is why your bike's pedal assist and throttle may stop working after a long period of use on a hot day.

The Role of the Temperature Monitor

To prevent any potential overheating damage, your FavoriteBikes model is equipped with a smart temperature monitor within its controller. The role of this monitor is to track the controller's temperature constantly, ensuring it does not exceed safe operational levels.

When the controller's temperature rises above a certain threshold, the temperature monitor will trigger a temporary shutdown of the bike's system. This action is a safety feature designed to protect the controller and other components from heat-induced damage.

What To Do When Your Bike Shuts Down

If your bike's systems shut down due to overheating, there's no need to worry! This shutdown is simply your bike's smart temperature monitor at work, safeguarding your bike's longevity and your safety. Your bike will naturally cool down and recover once it returns to a normal temperature range.

To speed up the cooling process, try to find a shaded area to park your bike. Also, remember to give your bike regular breaks during long rides, particularly on hot days.

In Conclusion

While you can enjoy long rides with our bikes even in hot weather, understanding the potential impacts of overheating and how our safety features work will ensure a safe and enjoyable biking experience. Your FavoriteBikes model is designed to withstand the rigors of the road, but like any other mechanical device, it appreciates a bit of tender loving care.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and stay safe while you're out and about. Enjoy the ride and trust in your FavoriteBikes model to carry you on all your adventures.

For any more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our help center. We're always here to help!