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Is my ebike water-resistant or waterproof?

Nothing is truly waterproof. If a component or vehicle is fully waterproof, this would mean that it is also 100% non-serviceable. Instead, parts are water-resistant with an ingress protection (IP) rating. This rating determines the amount of dust/water exposure the item in question can be subjected to without running into any issues.


Your FAVORITE bikes are rated at IPX4. In short, they are protected against dust ingress and can resist water penetration to some degree but not entirely (low-pressure water only). Riding in the rain and washing your bike won't cause any damage, but the electronic components are not recommended to be exposed to water for long periods of time.


IP ratings can be very subjective. We suggest staying away from the water entirely. If you ever need to wash the bike, a quick shower and wipe-down should do the trick.


Note: The bike can only get wet when the battery is securely inside the battery housing.


For more information on our bike's IP ratings and how to best care for your bike in wet conditions, click to visit our article: Riding in the Rain.