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Favoritebikes: Step-Through vs. Step-Over Frames


Favoritebikes offers distinct frame designs catering to different rider needs and preferences. Here's how their step-through and step-over frames differ:

Favoritebikes Step-Through Frame

Designed with comfort and commuting in mind, Favoritebikes' step-through frame features:

  • Lower Seat Height: Provides easier mounting and dismounting.
  • Upright Riding Position: Allows for a more relaxed and comfortable ride, ideal for leisurely cruises and city commuting.

Favoritebikes Step-Over Frame

For riders seeking a more aggressive and adventurous experience, Favoritebikes' step-over frame offers:

  • Aggressive Head Tube Angle: Enhances handling and control, particularly during big brakes and jumps.
  • Off-Road Capability: With its stiffer and more robust design, it's well-suited for off-road riding and challenging terrains.


Favoritebikes' step-through bikes are tailored for riders looking for a relaxed and comfortable commuting experience, with features that make mounting, dismounting, and casual riding a breeze. On the other hand, their step-over frames cater to more adventurous riders, offering the strength and agility needed for off-road trails and aggressive riding styles. The choice between these two frame styles aligns with individual riding preferences and the specific demands of various terrains and riding situations. By understanding these differences, customers can choose the frame that best aligns with their riding goals and enjoy a personalized cycling experience with Favoritebikes.