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Fixing an Incomplete Firmware Update: Restoring the Display on Your Bike Using the Favoritebikes App

No worry, you favorite app has the feature to fix the bike with incomplete firmware update. Same step as when you update your firmware. First step make sure you have the favorite app

Download the Favoritebikes APP using the QR code


Step 1: Deep Restart

To complete the deep restart, you'll need to manually disconnect the power. Simply unplug the 8-pin cable, as illustrated in the image on the right, and then plug it back in. This action will perform the deep restart.

Step 2 Activate the OTA

Afterward, press and hold the “+”, “-” and power buttons together to start the firmware update.

Step 3: Locate the Software Update Button in the App

Remain on the "pair bike" page and tap the gear icon located in the top right corner. The display will then redirect you to the firmware update page.


Step 4: Let's Begin Click on "Let's Begin," and select the bike for which you want to update the firmware.


Step 5: Choose the firmware
Press “Download and Install” to start the updating process. ( If the display turns off because you didn't press the button within 30 seconds, please restart the Deep Restart process.) 

Step 6: Updating in progress
Wait until the firmware update is completed. Do not power off during the update. It takes about 5 mins.