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The headlight is not functioning correctly.

Check Point 1

Check the light connector on the stem

Ensure that the 5-pin LED connector located at the bottom of the display is securely connected.








If checkpoint 1 did not resolve the issue, proceed to checkpoint 2.

Check Point 2

Check the connector on the lightboard

Step 1 Before starting, disconnect the bike's power by removing the battery or turning off the display.


Step 2 Unscrew using a 1.5mm Allen key, then remove the silicone seal ring. XR_PRO_GREY4096230422.786.png



Step 3 To remove the optics, use the 1.5mm Allen key as a puller to gently pull from the top and bottom of the screw hole alternately. Carefully remove the optics and their seal.



Step 3 Now, the LED and its connectors are visible. Avoid touching the LED directly to prevent damage. Ensure the connector is properly connected to the LED board. (Apply pressure with your finger to the connector.)


Step 4 Reassemble the light head by placing the optics and its seal back, then secure the screw with its seal. Don't miss any seals, as they prevent water leaks.XR_PRO_GREY4096230422.793.png


If you continue to experience issues with your light, reach out to technical support for further assistance.