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Factory Reset Instructions for Favoritebikes Electric Bikes

Resetting your Favoritebikes electric bike to its factory settings restores the display and system settings to their original configurations. This procedure is helpful for troubleshooting or preparing the bike for a new user. Please note that a factory reset will erase all personalized settings.

For Software Version 3.3 and Newer:

  1. Initiate Reset Sequence:
      • Double-click the M button on your bike's display to enter the main menu.
  2. Access Basic Settings:
      • Press the M button once more to navigate into the Basic Settings menu.
  3. Select Factory Reset Option:
      • Scroll through the options using the + and - buttons until you reach "Factory Reset."
      • Press the M button to select it.
  4. Confirm Reset:
      • Confirm your choice to reset by selecting "Yes" when prompted.
      • The display will process the reset and then return to the main screen.

For Software Versions Older Than 3.3: (You have the option to update your firmware using your phone at any time.)

  1. Obtain Advanced Passcode:
      • You may need an advanced passcode to access the necessary settings for a factory reset. If you do not have this passcode, please follow the instructions.
  2. Enter Advanced Settings:
      • Double-click the M button to open the main menu.
      • Enter the advanced passcode when prompted to access the Advanced Settings.
  3. Navigate to Factory Reset:
      • Use the + and - buttons to find the "Factory Reset" option within the Advanced Settings menu.
      • Select it by pressing the M button.
  4. Execute the Reset:
      • Confirm the reset by choosing "Yes" at the confirmation prompt.
      • Wait for the reset to complete, which will return the display to the main screen.

Important Considerations:

  • Assistance: Should you face any difficulties during the reset process, or if the bike's display does not respond as anticipated, please reach out to Favoritebikes customer support for help.