Favoritebikes Help Center

Find Bike Shops, Mechanics, Service for Your Favoritebikes E-bike

At Favoritebikes, Your Personal Electric Bike Support is Just a Call Away!

Whether you need assistance with assembly, maintenance, or repairs, we've got you covered. Here's how you can find the right support for your Favoritebikes e-bike:

1. Schedule a Call or Video Chat with Our Technicians: Feel free to reach out to our skilled technicians who are available to assist you. You can easily schedule a phone call or video chat.

2. Visit a Favoritebikes Dealer: Locate the nearest Favoritebikes dealer using our dealer map for specialized services. Our dealers are trained to handle all your e-bike needs.

3. Find a Local Bike Shop: If there's no Favoritebikes dealer nearby, you can still get expert help! Here's how:

  • Search "bike shop" on Yelp or Google.
  • Look for a local establishment with great reviews and competitive pricing.
  • Many trustworthy bike shops can work on bikes they don't sell, including Favoritebikes.
  • Tip: Search for "bike shop" rather than "ebike shop" to find more options.

Important Note: You don't always need an electric-bike technician for your Favoritebikes e-bike. Many components are common to regular bikes.


Local Bike Shops: We Support You!

Some local bike shops may hesitate to work on an e-bike. But don't worry! We can assist anyone familiar with basic hand tools. We're here to support both you and them in troubleshooting or replacing parts as needed.


  • Any local bike shop with good reviews and pricing can likely work on your Favoritebikes e-bike.
  • Let them know our trained support team is happy to assist. We're here for you for the lifespan of your Favoritebikes e-bike!