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Lock Replacement Guide: How to Remove and Install the Lock on Your Bike

To Remove Your Existing Lock:

  • Find and Disconnect the Cable: You'll also want to find the cable between the lock and controller. The cable is wired through the protection on the back of the seat post, and all the way to the bottom of your bike. There is a cable inlet on the bottom of the bike. Pull the lock cable out, and you will find a water-seal connector. Unplug the connector.

  • Remove the Side Mounting Brackets: Use the Allen key to remove the screw on the side mounting brackets.

If You Cannot Unlock the Lock and It Is Stuck on the Bike, You Can Do the Following Steps to Unlock and Remove the Lock:

  • Access the Bottom of the Lock: Now you have access to the bottom of the lock. Use the Allen key to remove the mounting brackets from your lock.

  • Uninstall the Back Plate: The back plate is held by flat screws. You'll want to uninstall all the flat screws (Note: If the screw head is not a regular Allen key, then it is likely that the screw head requires Tamper Resistant Star Bits).


  • Remove the Plastic Cover: Remove the plastic cover on the top of the U-lock.54f224be5f25e3d0c90a7c5c51badd3.jpg

  • Open the Lock: Try pushing the vertical locking piece up with a screwdriver, and your lock will automatically open. Now you can take the lock off from the wheel.edf8bbfa21c01a887f41d92060162ba.jpg

To Install the Lock:

  • Install the Mounting Brackets: You'll want to install the mounting brackets on the lock. Here is a template you can print and use as a reference for how to preset the angle.

  • Install the Lock to the Bike: Attach the new lock to the bike.

  • Connect the Lock Cable: Fish the lock cable through the protector and then plug the connector back into the controller connector.

  • Manage the Cable: Insert the cable back into the frame. Use zip ties to secure the cable management if necessary.