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Updating Display Firmwares: Deep Restart and Over-the-Air Update Instructions

The Over-the-Air firmware update feature is currently only supported on iOS. Android support will be released soon. This feature is available for firmware versions newer than 2.8. You can find your firmware version here.

Download the Favoritebikes APP using the QR code

Step 1: Find the software update button on the App
Go to Settings and click “Software Update.” The display will redirect to the firmware update page.

Step 2: Deep Restart

  • If your firmware version is newer than 2.9, the display will automatically power off after 30 seconds. You will see it appear like the first photo below (this indicates the display has finished a deep restart).               

  • If your firmware version is older than 3.0, the display will not automatically power off, and you must manually unplug the power. You can unplug the 8-pin cable as shown in the image on the right below and then plug it back in to perform the deep restart.


Step 3 Activate the OTA

Afterward, press and hold the “+”, “-” and power buttons together to start the firmware update.

Step 4: Let's Begin
If the second display image appears on the updating page as part of step 2, proceed by clicking “Let’s Begin.”

Step 5: Choose the firmware
Press “Download and Install” to start the updating process.

Step 6: Updating in progress
Wait until the firmware update is completed. Do not power off during the update. It takes about 5 mins.