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What is the Process for Charging My Favoritebikes

Charge your bike

The charging port is discreetly located on the right side of your battery, protected by a rubber seal. Gently remove the seal to reveal the charging port, and insert the charger before connecting it to a power outlet. To initiate charging, plug the charger’s input plug (110/240-volt) into an available power socket. The LED charge status light on the charger will illuminate red to signify that charging is in progress. When the battery reaches full capacity, the indicator will display a solid green light. Upon seeing the green light, first, disconnect the charger from the power outlet and then carefully unplug it from the charging port.


It’s crucial to unplug your charger from the power outlet once you’re done charging. If not disconnected, the charger’s indicator light will remain green during your next charging attempt, suggesting that your bike is fully charged when it’s not. To ensure proper charging, remember to disconnect the charger from the power supply after each use. Battery indicator light


Remove your battery (optional)

You can also remove your battery from
the bike with the battery keys, and charge the battery independently.